Chained Voices is an advocacy & empowerment art show, based in Denver. The show is a collaborative effort created on behalf of incarcerated artists in Colorado. The Chained Voices committee is comprised of community members, the DU Prison Arts Initiative, forensic social workers, public and private defense attorneys, community organizers, and family members of incarcerated people.


Chained Voices’ events feature art and other works created by persons currently incarcerated at a jail or Colorado Department of Corrections facility. The proceeds from art sales are provided directly to the artist—to fulfill a need identified by the individual. These “needs” include both personal and charitable causes.





All of the work below is original and, in many cases, one of a kind! We hope you feel really proud to own an original work created by folks inside.


All proceeds from the sale of the art go back to the artists. At the close of the show, the total from the sale of art will be put on the artist’s account through CDOC, with the exclusion of a small percentage for restitution.

Your art will not be available until the close of the show.



information about 2022 show

For Chained Voices’ in-person exhibition, we’re thrilled to be collaborating with Denver Arts & Venues and Shanna Shelby (DAV's Program Coordinator and Gallery Curator). Taking place at DAV’s McNichols Civic Center Building and featuring dozens of paintings, drawings and other artworks by incarcerated artists across Colorado, this show runs from June 1st to August 20th, making it Chained Voices’ longest lasting exhibition to date. The McNichols gallery is curated by DAV’s Chief Curator and is not to be missed. 


Please join us on August 20th at the McNichols building [144 W. Colfax Ave.] for a community-wide celebration, panel talk and art pick-up! As always, visit our virtual galleries to view all the artwork, share links with loved ones, and purchase art.



information about 2022 Art pick up

We will be asking everyone to pick up their purchased art on August 20th at the McNichols Building during our Closing Event on August 20th. If you are NOT able to make this event, then we will ask you to please email us at and we will arrange for your art to be shipped to you.